“Ingrid Lockowandt is multitalented and very impressive as a serious artist.”

— Gertrud Parker founder of MOCFA, Craft & Folk Art Museum, San Francisco

“I am so impressed with this painting of my son and grandson by an amazing artist and friend, Ingrid Lockowandt. All of her work is lovely and captures California and the human heart so wonderfully.”

— Anne Lamott bestselling novelist and essayist

“Ingrid Lockowandt’s work transcends traditional portraiture, embarking on something more real, truthful and radiant. A person’s soul and spirit are revealed in a modern and exciting technique. I feel her work extraordinarily refreshing and beautiful.”

— Kirk Austin Andrews, San Francisco

“Whenever I look at this painting, I can vividly recall my state of mind in April, 2006. I was single-mindedly traveling around the world by bicycle. Nonetheless, I was totally relaxed. I am amazed how well Ingrid has expressed this all in the painting. I see my state of mind at that time in the sheen and color of my skin and in the upward chin, the stout neck, the muscles on the chest, the loose abdomen, the sunburned strong arms, and the eyes looking far away. All of it is so clearly expressed that it reminds me how I breathed at that time. I like my portrait very much.”

— Takayuki Kawamura, Japan

“Ingrid Lockowandt created portraits of my treasured granddaughters — Emily, 9, Josie, 7 — that are carefully rendered and capture the girls’ distinct personalities. A pleasure to work with, Ingrid spent time bonding with my granddaughters and learning about them. She then applied these details into her art. The end result was a pair of portraits that I will forever treasure. Ingrid’s acrylic portraits of my granddaughters have by far exceeded my expectation and will be lasting treasures for the next generation.”

— Susan Schneider, Tiburon, California