Sam Lamott A Talented Aspiring Sculptor And Installation Artist

My friend the Sculptor and Instalation Artist Sam Lamott at the Drop Gallery, San Francisco. Photo © Jacqueline Moore
My friend the Sculptor and Installation Artist Sam Lamott with his piece “Downtown One”, Mixed Media 21″ x 47″, at the Drop Gallery, San Francisco, 2013.  Photo © Jacqueline Moore

Here is a photo of my subject and friend Sam Lamott at the Opening Reception of his first Exhibit: The Fractal & Sacred Geometric Intersections, which took place in 2013 at the Drop Gallery, in San Francisco.

Sam Lamott invited me to his opening show, and when I saw his piece Downtown One, I loved it so much that I purchased it right away. Sam Lamott was speechless, because it was his first piece he had ever exhibited and then sold at a gallery.

I felt incredibly honored, because for the last 1 1/2 years I had been painting Sam Lamott and his little son Jax Lamott for my landscape portrait Father and Son. I had been wanting to complete such a piece for the last two years, and Sam Lamott’s wonderful support as a subject certainly contributed to the achievement of this goal.

Sam Lamott’s website

“Plant seeds of hope in the wastelands, they surely will all die, but if one grows, you will be part of a miracle.”

-Sam Lamott