Inspiration For My Painting California Never Give Up

California_VN_GVEUP_©Ingrid C. LockowandtCalifornia Never Give Up, 48 in x 72 in, Acrylic on Canvas © Ingrid C. Lockowandt

I was inspired to paint California Never Give Up, after I visited the now closed motorcycle shop: The Bikeyard in San Francisco, California.

The figure I painted depicts a young, determined woman working on an engine. The open door in the background looks out onto my 1955 DKW classic motorcycle, as well as the California coast, and its winding Highway One. It intrigued me when I discovered the motorcycle plate ‘California NV GVEUP‘ above the shop’s door. This painting tells my story. Read more.

Although I usually paint subjects other than myself, California Never Give Up; rich with personal detail and symbolism, also portrays my life when I worked in a motorcycle shop in Germany.


Inspiration for my painting, California Never Give Up, the now closed Motorcycle shop, The Bikeyard, San Francisco, Dogpatch, Potrero Hill.