Capturing history and preserving it forever isn’t just art, it’s a
magical accomplishment.

A painted portrait sounds like a relatively straightforward thing — a
carefully crafted picture of someone — but across time it has proven to
be a much more elusive creation.

At a certain point, portraiture seems to be less of a genre than a blurry constellation of suggested guidelines, or even just something you have to see to recognize. A painted portrait becomes a cherished family heirloom that lasts for centuries — embodying the likeness, personality, spirit and essence of the subject — to be forever remembered.

Commissioning a portrait is an extremely personal decision. Much like any fruitful partnership, there must be a trusting relationship. Award-winning artist Ingrid C. Lockowandt’s approach is to establish a personal connection with her subjects. She looks beyond the surface of her subject’s likeness to find the deeper personality, character and essence.

A member of the Portrait Society of America, Ingrid very much enjoys creating art for clients and finds the collaborative process both exciting and inspiring. With her passion for detail and ability to capture the essence, likeness and the true spirit of her subject matter, she has created works that have delighted clients throughout the world.

Josie Acrylic on Canvas 20 x 34 inches Commissioned Portrait Susan Schneider, Tiburon, CA
Emily Acrylic on Canvas 20 x 34 inches Commissioned Portrait Susan Schneider, Tiburon, CA

First Step — Creating a partnership

The initial consultation may be performed by phone or in person to identify the needs of the commissioner and to discuss the following before scheduling a single photographic portrait sitting:

• Subject – single or multiple figures
• Location – indoors or outdoor
• Dress and Attitude – formal or informal
• Size of Painting – Head and Shoulders, 3/4 Figure or Full Figure
• Canvas size
• Objects to be included in the painting
• Fee
• Letter of agreement
• Timetable

Second Step — Creating a Vision

Because Ingrid works from photographs, the inconvenience and expense associated with sittings is avoided. Ingrid has a face-to-face meeting with the client in a single photographic portrait sitting. To understand the individual better, she will take a variety of photographs. The photo session typically takes one or two hours, yielding about 100 frames. Following the face-to-face meeting, a reference photograph is selected for the portrait. This will serve as the basis for the portrait; inspiration will also be drawn from the other photographs available. Ingrid uses high-quality acrylics on canvas.

Ingrid incorporates custom backgrounds for her portraits and there are a number of artistic options. A “subdued custom background” can be added to the portrait. This includes a muted or textured background in the color scheme of the client’s choice. A “detailed custom background” also can be requested. This may include a favored indoor or outdoor location. Ingrid assists in the creation of the background when photographs are not available.

Third Step — Concluding Business

A 50-percent non-refundable deposit is required to initiate the portraiture. Upon completion and final approval, the remaining 50 percent is due and complete satisfaction is always guaranteed. When the portrait is complete, it will be delivered to the commissioner. Upon delivery of the final portrait, Ingrid is available to help educate the commissioner on how to care for the new acrylic painting. Traveling expenses, framing and shipping are extra costs.

Father and Son, Acrylic on Canvas, 48 x 60 inches, 2014. Winner of 2015 Marin Magazine's Cover Contest. Private collection Author Anne Lamott.


“I am so impressed with this painting of my son and grandson by an amazing artist and friend, Ingrid Lockowandt. A huge congratulations on winning this year’s Marin Magazine award and cover. All of her work is lovely and captures California and the human heart so wonderfully. ”

— Anne Lamott bestselling novelist and essayist

“While I look forward to watching my beautiful granddaughters grow into adults, I also wanted to be able to remember them in their delightful childhood. Tiburon artist Ingrid Lockowandt provided me this pleasure. Ingrid created portraits of my treasured granddaughters — Emily, 9, and Josie, now 7 — that are carefully rendered and capture the girls’ distinct personalities.

A pleasure to work with, Ingrid spent time bonding with my granddaughters and learning about them. She then applied these details into her art. The end result was a pair of portraits that I will forever treasure. Ingrid’s acrylic portraits of my granddaughters have by far exceeded my expectation and will be lasting treasures for the next generation.”

— Susan Schneider, Tiburon, California