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  • ‘Gorch Fock, Friedliche Botschafterin in Weiß’

    Here is the second painting of my ‘Gorch Fock’ – Bilderzyklus. ‘Gorch Fock, Friedliche Botschafterin in Weiß’, Acrylic on Canvas 2019, 30 x 40 inches / 76 x 101 cm

  • Essay ‘Gorch Fock’ – Friedliche Botschafterin in Weiß

    “Gorch Fock” – Friedliche Botschafterin in Weiß – Essay von Ingrid Lockowandt 7. April 2019 Tiburon, California, USA Es ist kurz nach Mitternacht. Eine sanfte Brise weht vom offenen Fenster in mein Atelier. Vor mir auf der Staffelei steht das unvollendete Gemälde des großen Segelschiffes “Gorch Fock”. In tiefer Versunkenheit habe ich stundenlang an dem…

  • ‘Gorch Fock, Kiel’

    ‘Gorch Fock , Kiel’ Acrylic on Canvas 2019 30 x 40 inches / 76 x 101 cm The painting was purchased by Kiel-Marketing e. V. / GmbH. It will be on view for the public in October at the new “Wellcome Center”, Kiel, Stresemann Platz, Germany

  • Portrait “Dante”

    My most recent completed Portrait, ‘Dante’ 36 x 36 in. (89 x 89 cm) Acrylic on Canvas, 2018

  • Portrait Chef Dominique Crenn

    Portrait of Chef “Dominique Crenn”, San Francisco. The portrait is a picture within a picture. I have endeavored to create a piece that radiates Chef Dominique Crenn’s life focus, the ocean (Bretagne France, as well as our glorious Pacific) and the majesty of her heavenly cuisine. “Dominique Crenn” 30 x 40 inches Acrylic on Canvas…

  • Beautiful Day to Exhibit my Paintings Out in the Open

    A new client from San Francisco wanted to see my art. A wonderful opportunity to exhibit my paintings in the garden in such beautiful weather. In the background the beautiful blue Californian sky, which I love and like to depict in my paintings.

  • A huge thanks to my subject of “The Harmonica Player”

    A huge thanks to my subject Mel Owen for the interview at my solo pop-up art exhibit in Tiburon, California. Pictured here Mel Owen with his commissioned portrait, “The Harmonica Player”, Acrylic on Canvas. Video here: Mel Owen Interview

  • Lovely article in the newspaper of my Hometown Kiel Germany

  • Reception with San Francisco Mayor Mark Farrell at San Francisco City Hall

    I am honored to attend a luncheon reception at San Francisco City Hall, as a member of the San Francisco – Kiel Sister City Committee. Left Mark Farrell, Mayor of San Francisco and the honorable Hans-Werner Tovar, President of the Kiel City Council, Germany. © Picture by Maria Theresia Treadway

  • Self-Portrait

    Nearly every artist has endeavored to create a self-portrait. It’s neither narcissism nor ego, but a valuable lesson and reminder that when I create a portrait, I am trying to capture someone else’s vision. It reminds me that I am bringing life to someone else’s memory. I learned through my own self-portrait how to meticulously…

  • Portrait of “Sammy” with a Bugatti Chiron Sports Car

    My completed portrait; “Sammy“, Acrylic on Canvas, 30 x 40 inches. “Sammy“ is a portrait that captures forever the memory of a young boy’s specific time of life depicted alongside something very personal to him — a Bugatti Chiron Sports car.

  • Painting a Bugatti Chiron with the Portrait of „Sammy“.

    Work in Progress. I am painting a Bugatti Chiron with the Portrait of „Sammy“. I am fascinated –the subject matter is real but the point of view in some areas of the car gives it an abstract quality.